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Welcome to Licking Valley Lacrosse

Welcome To Licking Valley Lacrosse 

The Licking Valley Panthers are part of Licking Valley High School and Middle School.  Players from Licking Valley middle school or high school can play for us.  




OHIO LACROSSE SITE:  http://www.lacrosse-ohio.com

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Walpole and Buchbinder Named To All Star Team
Congratulations to Seniors Dylan Walpole (Defense) and Andrew Buchbinder...
Same Game New Name
As some of you may or may not know our lacrosse association is officially...
Guide for Lacrosse
Hi everyone this is Angie (otherwise known as mama Bini by the high...
Dylan Walpole Named All Region Honorable Mention
Congratulations to Licking Valley Lacrosse's Dylan Walpole, class...
Equipment Needed To Play Lacrosse
Equipment & Uniforms All players are required to provide their...
Walpole and Buchbinder Named To All Star Team
Congratulations to Seniors Dylan Walpole (Defense) and Andrew Buchbinder (Attack) for being named to the Central Ohio Lacrosse Coaches Association All Star game.

Dylan and Andrew are the first All Stars in our program's short history.  Both are planning on continuing their lacrosse in college.  Walpole will be playing at Muskingum and Buchbinder at Georgia State University. 

Both are extremely deserving of this honor and worked very hard to improve their skills all year and were both leaders on the field and off.  Both were captains as well.

Congratulations gentlemen and good luck!

Come out and support them by attending the All Star Game which will be played before the Ohio Machine game at Ohio Wesleyan University on Saturday, June 15th at 3:00 pm.  They are on "Team West".

Event Day Summary at Ohio Wesleyan University
2:30PM                                                       Gates at Selby Stadium Open
3:00PM                                                      HS All-Star Game #1 EAST/WEST
4:30PM                                                       HS All-Star Game #2 NORTH/SOUTH
6:15PM                                                       Field is cleared of all participants
6:30PM                                                       Official Warm-ups for Machine and Rattlers
7:15PM                                                       All America selections honored on field
7:30PM                                                       Face-off for MLL Game
8:00PM                                                       1st Quarter Break Presentation: Hall of Fame Inductees 
8:30PM                                                       Half-time Presentation:
All-Star Game Selections (8:00)
9:30PM                                                       Game Ends. Fireworks presentation.

Tickets are available here and will get you into all three games.
Father's Day Special Tickets
Tickets purchased online will be immediately emailed to you and can be conveniently printed at home.

by posted 06/12/2013
Same Game New Name
As some of you may or may not know our lacrosse association is officially named Legend Lacrosse Inc.  We are not and have never been directly associated with Licking Valley Schools as we are a private club and play in our own leagues, not school leagues.  We only ran under that name as a benefit to the majority of LV students that happen to play for us.  We are no longer permitted to use the Licking Valley name so as to not confuse people and to be clear we are not run by or through the school.  Nothing else should change.

Some issues have come up in Licking Valley schools, with other club sports, that have forced them to take this stance.  They aren't set up as we are and are therefore are run by the school.  I spoke to Mr. McCollugh (AD), and explained our business setup and he agreeed that we are a non profit community group with mostly LV residents.  Which means we are still allowed to use school facilities to practice and do not fall under school club rules.  Our governing body is US Lacrosse of which every player is a member.

This does not mean we will be overlooking some of the rules the school has been concerned with like ineligible players.  We and the parents will deal with these issues on a case by case basis as they come but players are expected to keep their grades up and school comes first.  We will still respect the schools wishes, staff and the school fields that we play on.

In the next few weeks we will be transferring our LV references back to Legend Lacrosse and hope we haven't caused too much confusion.  Please let me know if you have questions.

The Legend is re-born!

by posted 03/14/2013
Guide for Lacrosse
Hi everyone this is Angie (otherwise known as mama Bini by the high school boys) with a pdf for you to download and study.  This is my Mom's guide to Lacrosse.  It will help you tremendously. 
by posted 03/05/2013
Dylan Walpole Named All Region Honorable Mention

Dylan Walpole All Region Honorable Mention
Congratulations to Licking Valley Lacrosse's Dylan Walpole, class of 2013 defenseman, for being named Honorable Mention to the 2012 Ohio High School Lacrosse Association's All Region Team for the Club North Region.  

My apologies for the extremely late notice.  Honorable mentions were not included in the press release last year but while digging around I found the final spread sheet that did include it.  Every head coach in the region votes.  You see the final voting here.

Dylan is back for his senior year and will be leaned on heavily as one of our top defenders and is looking forward to playing lacrosse next year in college.  He already has some college coaches inquiring about his potential and most definitely will have more as the season progresses.
by posted 02/28/2013
Equipment Needed To Play Lacrosse

Equipment & Uniforms

All players are required to provide their own required lacrosse equipment. Licking Valley Lacrosse will provide uniforms for HS and a jersey for MS. Each player needs to have a helmet, stick, shoulder pads, elbow pads, gloves and cup.  We have full sets of goalie equipment (minus cup) for those that want to play goalie.  The club also has several sticks and a few helmets and pads but not much.


  • Lacrosse Monkey
  • Play it Again Sports usually has most things for sale used 
  • Midwest Lacrosse - Full service lacrosse store that will fit everything and not over sell.  4499 Kenny Rd. Columbus, OH. 43220 Phone: (614)451-4529

by posted 01/14/2013
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